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Who We Are

SaleYee is a global dropshipping and wholesale platform under Tengming Limited. We offer global online sellers with quality dropshipping products of 30,000+ profitable SKUs and fast free delivery from our local warehouses. With SaleYee Platform, you can focus on making the best of your marketing and sales talents and let us fulfill the rest, which helps you save time and cost without worrying about any product, inventory, delivery or after-sales problems.

Our Mission

Since 2012, we've been devoted to making it easier for global sellers to launch and boost their online business.

How We Make Dropshipping Easier

We help fulfill your dropshipping business from products, inventory, delivery to aftersales.

SaleYee Price

GBP 27.88

Profit Margin

Up to 58.00 %

SaleYee Price

GBP 101.56

Profit Margin

Up to 52.00 %

SaleYee Price

EUR 24.29

Profit Margin

Up to 50.00 %

SaleYee Price

USD 65.00

Profit Margin

Up to 45.00 %

SaleYee Price

GBP 6.30

Profit Margin

Up to 20.00 %

1. What to Sell

30,000+ Strictly Selected SKUs

SaleYee provides strictly-selected quality products with over 30,000 SKUs from 500+ reliable factory suppliers. SaleYee big data helps you choose the best sellers and trending products with higher profit margins.

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2. How to Sell

Sync orders with your online store

You select and list our products on your store and enable the order sync with our platform including forwarding orders and updating stocks or tracking numbers. And we'll process your orders and deliver the items directly to your customers.

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3. When to Deliver

Fast and free delivery from our local warehouses

We have our own real global warehouses, which ensures that your orders can be dispatched fast from our local warehouses, and can be delivered for free and fast to your customers.

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4. Who Support

Professional Support Teams

We have professional support teams who work as your business partner. Our sales team is willing to offer you professional sales consultant. Our IT team focus on developing the most effective system for you. Our after-sales team are ready to help you with any issue to satisfy your customers

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Our Global Warehouses

We have 1,000,000 ㎡ global warehouses to ensure fast delivery from the nearest local warehouses.

US-E Warehouse

US-W Warehouse

US-S Warehouse

UK Warehouse

DE Warehouse

CZ Warehouse

FR Warehouse

Success Stories From SaleYee Clients

Our mission is to help people like you to succeed in dropshipping business.

“I have had an incredible experience working with SaleYee as a supplier. Along with thousands of quality products to dropship at a wholesale price, SaleYee provides a plethora of online resources that has greatly helped me to grow and expand my dropshipping business. Their sales team is always happy to help with any questions or concerns, and the products we sell are delivered very quickly to customers. It is a pleasure working with this reliable supplier!”

Brooks Lin

eCommerce Dropshipping Seller

“Drop shipping has never been so easy for me till I found SaleYee. It changed my life in so many ways. Great costumer service, smooth sales and great products! Thank you.”


Professional Facebook Seller

“After comparing different dropshipping platforms I have used, I feel extremely delighted to have chosen for its frequently great deals, excellent customer service, and unlimited resources for my business. Always brilliant, always satisfying.”

Hector Willis

Experienced Dropshipping Seller

“It is convenient to select a range of products for dropshipping on SaleYee dropshipping platform and manage orders, which has saved my great efforts. Also appreciate for the advice and guidance the reliable customer service has offered me. I think it is one of the most trustworthy dropshipping suppliers I have ever used.”

Ethan Cook

Dropshipping Seller on Different Platforms

Only 4 Steps to Start Dropshipping with SaleYee

  • 1. Import products from SaleYee

  • 2. Sell through your online store

  • 3. Sync your orders to SaleYee

  • 4. Fast and free delivery