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Use SaleYee for Amazon Dropshipping

SaleYee helps sellers to start or scale Amazon business more easily.

Less cost, lower risk and more profit.


How does dropshipping work on SaleYee?

Only 4 steps to start dropshipping with SaleYee platform

  • 1. Import products from SaleYee

  • 2. Sell through your Amazon store

  • 3. Sync your orders to SaleYee

  • 4. Fast and free delivery

About Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms used by both individuals and businesses, which is available in many different countries and languages. It was begun as an online book store in 1994 in Seattle Washington by Jeff Bezos, now it allows individuals and businesses to sell and display many categories of products for sale online. It has been the largest internet retailer in the world by revenue, with 2017 revenues of more than $177 billion.

Why Dropship on Amazon?

Amazon has 300 million active users in its marketplace, which makes it the perfect place to sell and help you reach larger and more diverse customers. The easiest way to start an Amazon business is to do dropshipping on Amazon, which allows you to sell products in your Amazon store without carrying any physical inventory or shipping goods. And it’s also easier to scale your Amazon business by dropshipping because it takes less cost to test new products and has less incremental work. How to dropship on Amazon? You can easily get started by searching the awesome products from SaleYee dropshipping platform.

What sells best on Amazon?

Product recommendation for other platforms will be coming soon.

Why Choose SaleYee for Amazon Dropshipping?

SaleYee is a global dropshipping and wholesale platform with quality dropshipping products of 30,000+ profitable SKUs and fast delivery from local warehouses. As a professional dropshipping supplier, we help Amazon sellers save time and cost without worrying about product selection, inventory, delivery or after-sales.With SaleYee dropshipping platform, you can launch and scale your Amazon business much easier with lower risk and more profit.

You can sync your Amazon orders with SaleYee platform, which ensures you keep updated with the SaleYee stock, forward your orders easily to SaleYee and upload the tracking number automatically. Our big data will tell you what sells best in Amazon and help you choose the right products to increase your Amazon listings. What’s more, our after-sales validity period is as long as 3 months, which ensures you meet the Amazon merchant policy for after-sales service and improve your customer satisfaction.

  • 30,000+ Quality SKUs

    We offer 30,000+ quality and profitable SKUs strictly selected from reliable factories.

  • Local Warehouses

    We have real global warehouses to ensure orders dispatched from local warehouses.

  • Free & Fast Shipping

    Your orders can be quickly delivered to your customers from the nearest local warehouse for free.

  • Strong IT Support

    Our platform supports syncing stocks and orders with your online stores.

  • Worry-free Service

    Our support team offers professional sales consultant and after-sales service.