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What is Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a type of retail and order fulfillment method. With this kind of business model, the store doesn’t need to maintain any inventory, own a warehouse or ship the products to the customers by itself. Instead, the sellers can purchase the products from a third party called dropshipping supplier who already has products in stock and then helps ship the order to the customer directly.

Benefits of Dropshipping

  • Easier to start

    Very easy to start because it doesn't need stock, warehouse or shipment by yourself at all.

  • Easier to scale

    You have a wider selection of products to sell and the dropshipping supplier can help handle the incremental work.

  • Lower capital needed

    No need to invest lots of money in inventory up front because you can purchase after get paid by customers.

  • Lower business risk

    The risk is much lower because you also have lower overhead costs and reduced losses on damaged goods.

  • More flexible

    You can launch a new online store anywhere and anytime or change your product lines more flexibly.

SaleYee Dropshipping Platform

SaleYee is a global dropshipping and wholesale platform with quality dropshipping products of 30,000+ profitable SKUs and fast delivery from local warehouses. As a professional dropshipping supplier, we help you save time and cost without worrying about any product, inventory, delivery or after-sales problems. With SaleYee dropshipping platform, you can launch and boost your online business much easier.

  • Our target clients:

    -Global sellers on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Wish and any other online shopping platforms.

    -Global sellers with their selling platforms like Shopify, Wix, WordPress or any other independent websites.

    -Key influencers or any others who are looking for dropshipping products to sell.

  • Dropshipping products:

    -30,000+ quality SKUs with great profit marge

    -14 categories including household and garden, sporting, beauty, musical instruments, business and industry,

      fashion, electronics, toys, cameras, jewelry and watches etc.

    -More SKUs with more categories are increasing monthly.

  • Countries we ship to:

    -US local warehouses (ship to US)

    -UK local warehouses (ship to UK)

    -DE local warehouses (ship to DE)

    -FR local warehouses (ship to FR)

    -CZ local warehouses (ship to DE & CZ)

    -More countries with more local warehouses will be available soon.

How does dropshipping work on SaleYee?

Only 4 steps to start dropshipping with SaleYee platform

  • 1. Import products from SaleYee

  • 2. Sell through your online store

  • 3. Sync your orders to SaleYee

  • 4. Fast and free delivery

Why Choose SaleYee?

We help fulfill your dropshipping business from products, inventory, delivery to after-sales service

  • 30,000+ Quality SKUs

    We offer 30,000+ quality and profitable SKUs strictly selected from reliable factories.

  • Local Warehouses

    We have real global warehouses to ensure orders dispatched from local warehouses.

  • Free & Fast Shipping

    Your orders can be quickly delivered to your customers from the nearest local warehouse for free.

  • Strong IT Support

    Our platform supports syncing stocks and orders with your online stores.

  • Worry-free Service

    Our support team offers professional sales consultant and after-sales service.