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(Frequently Asked Questions)


1. FAQ of SaleYee Dropshipping Platform 

What is the meaning of dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that you can use to run your store without ever holding any inventory. With SaleYee dropshipping, you need to do nothing but to select products and add them to your online store for sale. Once you've made a sale, we will ship your products from our overseas warehouse, straight to your customer's doorstep. You'll never need to worry about storing, packaging, or shipping your products.


How does SaleYee work for dropshipping?

You can start your dropshipping by following these steps:

Step 1: Sign up for free and complete your personal information on SaleYee official website. 

Step 2: Download the data packet of your selected products on SaleYee website free of charge;

Step 3: Modify and optimize the downloaded information according to your requirement and add them to your own store.

Step 4: Place an order and pay for it, then we will ship your products from the nearest local warehouse, straight to your customer's doorstep.

Step 5: The shipment tracking number will be provided as soon as your order is ready to be shipped.

Step 6: Thanks to the shipment from local warehouses, the after-sales service is much easier and more convenient for you.


What are the advantages of SaleYee Dropshipping Platform?

We offer professional dropshipping solutions for global sellers with 30,000 + Profitable SKU, Local US/UK Warehouses, fast and free delivery, Strong IT Support, and 7/24 Customer Support. Compare with other dropshipping suppliers, we provide quality and profitable products strictly selected by our own not just imported product info from other e-commerce platforms. And we have real local warehouses that support real fast delivery as your local dropshipper. For more details, please click here.

How to forward and synchronize your orders with SaleYee Dropshipping Platform?
There are 4 ways to forward your orders to SaleYee:
1. Shopping Cart: Add products that you want to buy to the shopping cart and proceed with the payment directly;
2. Bulk Order by Excel Template: Use the provided Excel template to place orders in bulk after filling in all the required information;
3. Platform Sync: Integrate your online platform with SaleYee so that orders can be forwarded automatically as well as logistics information;
4. API Interface: Use API interface to automatically synchronize all information about products, orders, tracking numbers, stocks, etc.

Where are your local warehouses located? Which countries can you ship to?
*To ensure the fastest delivery, we only ship to the local places from the nearest warehouse.

-US local warehouses (ship to US)

-UK local warehouses (ship to UK)

-DE local warehouses (ship to DE)
-FR local warehouses (ship to FR)
-CZ local warehouses (ship to DE)

-More countries with more local warehouses will be available soon.

Is there any benefit for SaleYee members?
The SaleYee members will be classified into 5 levels according to their monthly sales so as to enjoy the different discounts and other benefits.

Learn more about our membership benefits>> 

Do I need to pay any commission?
You don't have to pay any commission at all. SaleYee is a platform that makes it easy to find awesome products to sell online. You only need to pay the product price and the handling fee (charged by a third-party payment processor) after your customer placed an order to you. Once you've placed an order, we will ship the products from our overseas warehouse, straight to your customer's doorstep.

Who can I call if something goes wrong during the transaction?
If you encounter any problems on this platform, please feel free to contact the dedicated business manager assigned to you by the system during registration.

How can I view the stock information and price of products?

-You are required to complete the profile to become a certified user who has authorization for viewing stock information and the price of products.

-Certified users temporarily have no access to the stock information and price of new arrivals, car parts and brand products. You can contact your account manager for authorization and upgrade your VIP membership for more member benefits. 


Does SaleYee platform support access to ERP?

At present, SaleYee does not support access to the third-party ERP software, but supports self-developed ERP technology API docking; major ERP in the market are already docking, and subsequent releases will be notified separately. If you have related requirements, you can feedback to your account manager.

Do You support one-click publishing of products to the store?
We're sorry that there is No one-click publishing function at this time. However, the data packet of the products supports batch downloading. You can download the data packet in batches and then publish them with one click via the ERP software you use.

Can I upload the tracking number to my store in one click?
Yes, but you need to be authorized to synchronize the orders via the SaleYee platform. You can enable the platform authorization by going to My SaleYee> Third-party platform> Platform authorization.



2. FAQ of SaleYee Dropshipping Products 


What products can I find on the SaleYee platform?

With SaleYee you can access a huge variety of different products with just a few clicks, including household and garden, sporting, beauty, musical instruments, business and industry, fashion, electronics, toys, cameras, jewelry, and watches, etc. More than 30,000 SKUs are available and over 200 items will be added monthly. Click here to learn more. 


Does SaleYee provide professional HD pictures and SEO-optimized English titles & descriptions?
Yes----SaleYee has a professional product team of more than 100 staff. High-definition pictures of the products along with size, weight and description are available on SaleYee platform. In addition, all the product titles and descriptions of the product have been optimized for SEO, so feel free to use them in your online store.


Is the product at risk of infringement?
All the unbranded products on the SaleYee platform can be sold directly without the risk of infringement (except for the oil drum and Baofeng walkie-talkie banned by Amazon). As for branded products, the SaleYee platform has been authorized so you can contact your account manager for authorization.


Is the product inventory sufficient?
The products on the SaleYee platform are all analyzed by big data and stocked in overseas warehouses, which are normally sufficient for sale. But some products are so popular that they may be in shortage sometimes. In this case, you can contact your account manager about inventory management.


How to apply for authorization to sell the brand products?

You can contact your account manager for authorization.


How to choose suitable products to sell on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay or Wish?
There is a special column called "Bestsellers by Platform" on the homepage of the SaleYee website. Click the Amazon, eBay or Wish logo to access it. Or click here to explore now.

3. In-sales FAQ

A. Order Issues:

① Query tracking number/logistics status/emergency after-sales processing based on the order number

The distributor can consult customer service in the group chat in Skype by providing a SaleYee order number beginning with E0DS. (Using the E0DS order number query system is faster and more convenient for customer service)


② The system shows out of stock after the order is synced

The inventory data updates approximately once an hour, resulting in a time lag, and the hot-selling SKUs may be simultaneously ordered by multiple distributors during a period. Consequently, the system fails to show real-time inventory. This issue has been requested to the technology team to improve the update frequency.


③ The actual inventory is insufficient after the order is synced to the system

When overseas warehouse operators go to the warehouse to pick goods, they sometimes encounter insufficient inventory issues and the order will be intercepted and returned by the system. We will arrange to check inventory regularly to prevent this problem. 

④ Abnormal order

a. After the orders have been synced to the overseas warehouse delivery system, there are still some cases that the actual inventory is insufficient when overseas warehouse operators pick products in the warehouse, resulting in the information not being updated and fed back to the supplier's reports of abnormal orders. So some abnormal orders were not captured in time and notified to the respective distributors. This technological problem has been optimized and to be resolved.


b. Your cooperation needed to deal with the abnormal order: Go to "My SaleYee" - "Order management" - "Abnormal order". If the tracking number does not appear 48 hours after the order is placed, you can send the SaleYee order number beginning with E0DS in the group chat in Skype to consult the customer service who will help to handle the issue.


c. Regarding the abnormal orders, the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform has set the SMS reminders. Or you can see the specific reasons in the abnormal order module on the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform(Go to My SaleYee-Order management-Abnormal order). If not, you have to send the SaleYee order number beginning with E0DS to the customer service for inquiries.


d. P.O. box addresses cannot be delivered. 

The street address containing the P.O. Box will cause a failure of delivery. For such orders, the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform has no authority to make any change. It is recommended to contact the terminal buyer to modify the street address, reorder and apply for cancellation of the original order. Or the buyer can place an order again using the original address and apply for cancellation of the original order. In this way, our customer service will negotiate with the supplier to know if they can pay the additional freight and arrange the shipping.


⑤ The order cannot be checked

Go to "My SaleYee" - "My Order" - "More Filter Conditions"-Delete the default time-Fill in the time range of your orders


⑥ The problem that the address cannot be added when placing an order:

Go to "My SaleYee"-"Account"-"Address book"-Delete some addresses to place an order again (Note: One SaleYee member ID can only save up to 50 shipping addresses)


⑦ Order interception:

As orders are automatically synced and shipped by the SaleYee platform system, if you need to cancel the order, please apply for a refund in time after placing the order. The result is subject to the system notification. If successful, you will get a refund from the SaleYee platform. If not, you need to contact the end consumer to reject the package, and the SaleYee platform will deal with the after-sales service by regarding it as “Customer issues”. Once the parcel is shipped, the platform will no longer support order cancellation. Please apply for order cancellation timely if needed. The specific requirements can be concluded as follows:


In allocation: Support order cancellation after you place the order: (If the tracking number has not been issued for more than 48 hours, it can also be canceled)

Awaiting shipment: Cancellation is not guaranteed and might succeed or not. (You may apply for cancellation, but the result is subject to the system notification.)

Orders to be received: Cancellation NOT supported



⑧ Quotation time for orders from a remote state:

Suppliers will quote around 11:30 am (GMT+8) and 5:30 pm (GMT+8), 8:30 pm PST and 0:30 am PST on business days.

Due to overseas epidemics and Brexit, the supplier temporarily closed the quotations in the remote states of the United States and Northern Ireland with the uk postcode beginning with BT. If it recovers, the platform will promptly remind all distributors.


⑨ Track your refund:

(1) The refund amount does not involve handling fee, and VAT fee for UK orders can be refunded according to the proportion of the refund amount;

(2) Refund instructions: 1. If the payment method is Paypal or credit card, the amount of money will be sent back to the payment method of your original payment account; 2. For other payment methods, the amount of money will be sent back to your SaleYee account balance;


B. Logistics and warehouse


① Does the overseas warehouse have the stock?

Yes, all products on the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform that show "in stock" have been prepared in overseas warehouses.


② How are logistics costs calculated?

All products on the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform are offered with free shipping by default, so there is no need to consider logistics costs. If your customer's delivery address is in a remote state in the United States, you will need to pay additional logistics costs. For details, please consult your account manager.


③ Where are the warehouses located?

US-E Warehouse-New Jersey: an area of 215,000 square meters

US-W Warehouse-Los Angeles: an area of 190,000 square meters

US-S Warehouse-Atlanta: an area of 55,000 square meters

British Birmingham Warehouse: an area of 100,000 square meters

Dietzenbach Warehouse in Germany: an area of 40,000 square meters

Paris Warehouse in France: an area of 33,000 square meters

Prague Warehouse in Czech Republic: an area of 52,000 square meters


④ What express delivery services does SaleYee use?

In America: FedEx, USPS, UPS and other express delivery services;

In the UK: Yodel, Hermes, Royal Mail and other delivery services. 

For details, please view


Search Last-Mile Delivery Services of the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform on the following websites:

(1) XPD: (you need to enter the tracking number and shipping address zip code)

(2) Yodel:

(3) Royalmail:

(4) FedEx:

(5) USPS:

(6) UPS:

(7) Universal query logistics website:

⑤ Is there tracking information?

All orders shipped by the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform will be provided with a logistics tracking number within 48 hours after the order is placed, and support tracking throughout the process via FedEx, USPS, UPS (There might be slight delays of orders with multiple packages).


⑥ What about the shipping and delivery time?

After you place the order on the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform, the shipment will be arranged within 24 hours, and the delivery will be completed within 2-8 days. Under the circumstance of the epidemic, service providers are limited in daily package collection, and the tracking number will be updated to the system later. If you have any questions about the order, you can send the order number beginning with E0DS to the customer service for inquiry.

For more descriptions of shipping methods, please view:


⑦ Delivery Time:

a. According to statistics, the average delivery time for all parcels shipped from overseas warehouses is 10 working days, and a few will exceed 15 working days.


b. Due to the pandemic, some parcels are detained in overseas warehouses and the logistics providers' package collection is restricted every day. Regarding the issues, the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform and the suppliers have reached an agreement that the current delivery time should be less than 25 days. For any order with the tracking number not been updated for a long time, the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform will contact the supplier and apply for a refund or resend.


4. FAQ of After-sales Issues:

① The processing of after-sales issues:

a. For any after-sale issue, please contact SaleYee customer service first, instead of applying for refunds or returns. To deal with issues of product qualities or product damages during the shipping, a picture or video proof is required, after that, we will arrange a refund or resend, etc. If the end customer applies for a return for reasons such as the wrong address, regretting buying, he or she has to pay for the freight to return it to our warehouse, and SaleYee will refund 45%-55% of the payment amount to the distributor after verification.


b. To submit an after-sales issue on the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform, the distributor needs to provide reasons for the application to prove the expected solution. The customer service will take turns to deal with them according to the application time.

For urgent issues, the distributor can consult customer service in the group chat in Skype by sending the order number beginning with E0DS.


c. Since there are a lot of messages in the group chat in Skype including pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales, and system problems, all the after-sales issues will be verified on the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform, and solutions will be provided. For any further questions, you can leave a message directly on the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform, and the customer service will reply as soon as possible.


d. For the case reviewed, the customer service will not be reminded by the system of the new messages the distributors left on the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform. After the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform issues an RMA (Return Material Authorization), the terminal customer returned the tracking number, and the package was signed, if the distributor needs to arrange a refund in time, he/she should contact the customer service in the group chat in Skype by sending the order number beginning with E0DS.


② Definition of RMA and RL:

a. RMA: All parcels shipped through the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform have the warehouse identification code, so the returned parcels also need to be distinguished by the identification code, which is the RMA number. Please contact SaleYee customer service for RMA first, ask the buyer to print out the RMA number or write it directly on the returned package when returning it to make it convenient for product identification.


b. RL: RL is a return label. For after-sales issues due to the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform or suppliers, SaleYee customer service will provide the return label and pay for the shipping, but cannot arrange for a door-to-door collection. It requires the end customer to pack the goods, send it to the nearby FedEx office ( currently most of them are returned by FedEx) for returning. After signing and verification, SaleYee customer service will arrange for a refund.


c. For after-sales issues arisen from the customer, if you are willing to pay for an RL at your own expense, you need to write clearly "purchase RL at my own expense" when making an appeal on the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform. The customer service will calculate the estimated freight when processing the after-sales issue, and issue the final refund amount after receiving the goods.


③ Why is the product refund only 45-55% in case of the after-sales issue caused by the customer

The after-sales terms of the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform, compiled together by the supplier in combination with the current after-sales policy of cross-border platforms, are relatively suitable for each platform. There are detailed regulations for after-sales issues caused by the customer:


Regarding after-sales issues such as a wrong address, customer's rejection/wrong purchase, disliking or no longer wanting the product failure to provide specific proof of poor quality, or else, after SaleYee receives the goods, it will refund 45%~55% (different membership levels are entitled to different refund amounts) of the order amount (it is because the 55%~45% of the order amount is used to deduct related expenses such as product packaging, sorting, warehousing, customs duties, first-mile and last-mile freight, return processing fees of the overseas warehouse, etc.)


④ The system shows "Signed," but the end customer has not received goods:

Currently, packages shipped by the SaleYee Dropshipping Platform don't come with the signature service (which requires the buyer or a designated person to complete signing). If the system shows a parcel signed, but the terminal buyer has not received it, SaleYee will apply to the supplier for a delivery note to assist in handling such cases. No subsequent processing.


For any order delivered by FedEx Ground or UPS, the distributor can provide screenshots of the order, end customer's email, and other proofs for SaleYee customer service to apply to the supplier for a refund (valet claim), but it is uncertain about the result. According to past experience, the probability of a successful application is relatively small.

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