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Shopify Dropshipping

Made Easy with SaleYee

Source and import winning products from SaleYee easily with Shopify Integration. Enjoy free and fast order fufillment from our US, UK, EU warehouses.

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Benefits of Shopify Dropshipping with SaleYee

  • Easy to Get Started

    Very easy to start Shopify dropshipping with SaleYee. No membership fee, no MOQ, no inventory cost required.

  • Product Sourcing Made Easy

    Easy to find winning products from our 30,000+ quality and profitable SKUs, which are strictly selected from reliable factories.

  • Advanced Automation

    Easily import products to your Shopify store. Synchronize inventory, orders, and tracking numbers with SaleYee.

  • Local Warehouses

    We have over 630,000 sq.m. global warehouses to ensure orders dispatched from local warehouses.

  • Free & Fast Shipping

    Your orders can be quickly delivered to your customers from the nearest local warehouse for free.

  • Worry-free Service

    Our support team offers you professional 1-on-1 sales consultancy and after-sales service.

Best Selling Products on Shopify

4 Steps to Start Shopify Dropshipping with SaleYee

  • 1. Import SaleYee products with one click

  • 2. Sell through your Shopify store

  • 3. Sync your Shopify Orders to SaleYee

  • 4. Enjoy free and fast order fulfillment

How to Connect SaleYee with Your Shopify Store?

FAQ About How to Dropship on Shopify with SaleYee

  • Is SaleYee App for Shopify Dropshipping free?

    Absolutely! SaleYee Dropshipping App is free for all Shopify users, so take advantage of it to import as many high-quality dropshipping products from SaleYee as possible to easily start and grow your Shopify dropshipping business. 

  • How to dropship on Shopify with SaleYee?

    First, you need to use our SaleYee Dropshipping App to import products to your Shopify store to start selling;

    Secondly, if you need to keep the inventory up-to-date, don't forget to enable "Auto Stock Update"; 

    Once you've got an order, it will be forwarded to SaleYee automatically. After you pay for the order, a tracking number will be generated within 48 hours and uploaded to your Shopify store.

  • Where can I find products that I've imported from SaleYee?

    Please go to "My SaleYee" - "Product management" - "Import List." The products that you've imported are under the tab "Imported."

  • Will the inventory be updated automatically?

    Yes, SaleYee App automatically updates inventory/stock for you on a regular basis. 

    As this doesn't happen in real-time, you can define a stock update rule to prevent overselling.

  • When and where can I get the tracking number for an order?

    Please go to "Order management" - "Platform sync orders" to check your Shopify orders. After payment, the tracking number will appear within 48 hours and be uploaded to your Shopify store.

  • How can I set location information for my Shopify store? 

    You may use your own addresses, such as the registration address of your business, a P.O. box address, etc. No matter what location information you provide to Shopify, our system will always make sure to ship products from the nearest warehouse to your customers. 

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