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How To Sell Profitable High-Ticket Products? (with Pros and Cons Analysis)

SaleYee Official • Dropshipping 101

Jun 30,2021 3 min read

Many beginners tend to enter the common pitfall of dropshipping low-ticket items, and get tired of the intense competition. Without taking the business seriously, most quit in a short time. Honestly, it isn't exciting at all if an order just allow you to earn about $10 and have customers care too much about the low prices instead of product quality, services, brands, etc.

Today, I am gonna make a comparison between high-ticket and low-ticket products for you. Also, I will teach you how to enter the high-ticket market and gain higher profits with fewer orders.

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By going through the video, you will learn:

0:34 What is a high-ticket product?

1:09 Pros & cons of selling high-ticket products

High ticket dropshipping products are much more expensive than commonly sold items since the acceptable profit margin for high-ticket products is about 35-40%, each $500 sale will make you a profit of about $175-200. It sounds appealing, isn't it?

Be clear about the pros and cons of high-ticket dropshipping so that you can aim higher and achieve success more easily.

3:37 How to enter the high-ticket market in a better way?

ow to enter the high-ticket market in a better way? These are the best practical ways that you can follow to ensure the best product quality & service, successfully build trust with your audience, develop a robust sales & marketing strategy.

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